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Russian Photography Week: April 28 - May 10, 2016

International exhibition-competition of contemporary photographic art "Russian Week of Photography" is currently open for participation!

Registration: until April 17, 2016 (inclusive).

Dates of exhibitions and workshops: April 28 - May 10, 2016.
The competitive program, exhibition and workshops will be held in the main art site in Moscow - in the Central House of Artists (Halls 9-10).
Exhibition Location: Moscow, ul.Krymsky shaft, 10, 9-10 rooms.

In 2016, Russian Photo Week holds a competition for three professional categories photographers - professionals, amateurs and students.
Russian Week Pictures is one of the widest photography contest in Russia, covering participants from almost all regions of Russia, as well as from many foreign countries.
Russian Art Week is a kind of International contest, which shows the photos in all major areas of photographic art - from wildlife , human and social life to objects that illustrate the science and technology.

There are two forms of participation:. Internal and correspondence
Entries indirect exhibitors organizing committee prints and places in the overall exposure. Full-time and correspondence of work considered by the jury equally.

The competition program includes the following categories (see section "Categories and Nominations" ):
1. Nature (Nature)
2. Landscape (urban)
3. People
4. Still
5. The documentary and reportage photography
6. Commercial (advertising) Photo
7. Architecture
8. Art
9. Animalistic Photo
10. Scene Photo
11. Experimental Photo
12. Concept

Based on the decision of the jury and received points are determined by the main awards of the Russian Week Photos:
1) Photographer of the Year (in the category "Advertising"),
2), the photographer (in the category "Architecture"),
3), the photographer (in the "Outlook" category)
4) Photographer year (in the category of "Photojournalist")
5) Photographer of the year ( "PHOTO ILLUSTRA TION" in the category)
6) Photographer of the year (in the category "Art photography")
7) Photographer of the year ( "Nature" category)
8) Photographer of the year (in the category " People. Community ")
9) Photographer of the year (special category)

All entries will be evaluated by the Expert Council (the jury) from Russia and 12 countries of the world - professional photographers photojournalists of Photographers, editors of media, illustrating the art of photography. Final evaluation sheet will be an important tool for the development of Professional contestant.

Best photos will travel to various countries, including throughout the year in programs of international and national photo festival and other events related to photography (more than 10 countries around the world).
Members of the Russian Week Photos will be published in the electronic edition of the "New Faces", and, upon request, a paper in his release. The electronic edition is sent to the media, advertising agencies and studios.

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in the International exhibition-competition of contemporary photography "Russian Week of Photography" and to a wide audience your photographic talent.

Send us your best work today!


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